The Beauty of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Got the opportunity to spend about a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a few friends for a spring break trip and had a great time!

Here are some of the best things to do or see while you are in Cabo:

The Beaches:

boats on beach
Boats on the beach, ready for passengers

The popular beaches are packed with boats, ready to take any tourists on a ride around the famous El Arco (Land’s End) arches. The most popular beach, near to the Arch and with close access to many restaurants and bars, is Playa el Medano. Just bring some cash with you to the beach to pay for the ride and tip your boat driver! For a 30-45 minute tour for a group of a few people, you can expect to pay around $30-50, but you may need to negotiate a little bit.

El arco boat tour
Boat tour of the famous El Arco
IMG 4568 11

There are also chairs and canopies available on the beach, for a fee. If you are sitting at one of these, you can expect a server from a local bar to come by and ask if you would like to order something, of course at a slightly inflated rate. Also, don’t be surprised if local vendors of souvenirs approach you trying to sell some of their goods.

Although I didn’t spend much time exploring other beaches, you can find smaller beaches that are less crowded, if you don’t want as much disruption.

The Bars:

El Squid Roe Bar
El Squid Roe Bar, Cabo San Lucas

Packed with tourists from all over the world, you can expect to meet lots of interesting people in the bars on the Cabo strip. With live music, dancing, and drinks these bars are definitely a good time.

You’ll find most of the larger bars and clubs downtown, on the row Lázaro Cárdenas.

I distinctly remember having fun in the El Squid Roe Bar, which has a mix of eclectic decor and a unique multi-level layout.

The Food:

IMG 4530
Local taqueria

Most of the “tourist-friendly” restaurants will be found downtown on Lázaro Cárdenas, but if you want a more affordable and authentic meal, head a few blocks inland to one of the locally-owned taquerias and restaurants.

Stroll down Calle José Ma. Morelos y Pavón to check out some local stores and tacquerias. and maybe get some popsicles at Neveria Michoacana, with it’s wide selection of flavors.

The Marina:

IMG 45651
Entering the marina via water taxi

Make sure to spend some time at Marina Cabo San Lucas, where you can stroll along the piers and check out the multitudes of parked sailboats and yauchts.

While you are there, get some shopping in at the Puerto Paraiso Mall right next door, which has a mix of local shops and restaurants.


There’s so much more to see in Cabo San Lucas, but hopefully this list gives you some ideas where to get started!

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